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Symptomatic ALS patients and Pre-Symptomatic ALS patients, like Tucker, need your help in passing legislation through Congress that will benefit the lives of those currently living with ALS and those at risk of developing ALS.

House Representative Bill 8662 establishes a grant program that will fund research on investigational ALS treatments being tested by biopharmaceutical companies to patients who are not participating in clinical trials. In addition, this Bill will establish a Health and Human Services Collaborative for Neurodegenerative Diseases that will be responsible to speed the development and approval of therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.

Please feel free to copy the Word document below to use when sending your letter to your Representative and State Senators. Alternatively, you can download a Microsoft Word version of the document by clicking here: ALS Legislation Letter


Don't know who your legislators are and where to send the letter? Visit OpenStates.Org and enter your address! If you need additional help, contact Tucker directly and he will gladly point you in the correct direction.

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