Buy Time for Tuck and Others

"Tick Tock Goes the Clock"

In the case of the SOD1 mutation present within Tucker's family, the average age of disease onset is 49.7 years old with a variance of 12.3 years. Tucker refers to the variance age range of 37.4 to 60 years old as the "ALS Danger Zone", which is the time frame in which ALS is likely to develop. This does not mean ALS cannot develop before 37.4 years of age. After reaching the peak of the "ALS Danger Zone", the likelihood of ALS onset continues to increase for those with the SOD1 mutation.

You can "Buy Time" for Tucker and others by helping fund viable treatments and ideally, a cure, by making a donation to the Olson ALS Foundation. 


The Olson ALS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to assisting worldwide efforts of organizations, affiliates, and families to raise funds for research to advance treatments and a cure for ALS. All funds donated to the Olson ALS Foundation are allocated to research and donations are tax-deductible.